Element Amenities

A weird, evolving website inspired by addiction and recovery. 

Bae awakes with a start, MrP is at the gate before she can open her mouth to roar, her noise makes a sound of a high-pitched didgeridoo. The vibrations it creates, knocks Bravo off the Watchtower, causing her to turn back into her natural state as she hits the ground. P stands his ground but his fur is ruffled, he turns, and shouts “Christ, Bae..was that necessary? I was right here, the Mist is gone”. “Where’s Bravo?” Bae yells as she moves towards the gate. Bae looks and sees Bravo galloping back towards the magic fountain, she back in her armor. “Why do you let it get so close?” she askes, the vibrations from her roar, have stopped. “living on the edge” he grins and hops back upon his thrown. Bravo is looking mad and scared at the same time. She’s crouched beside the fountain in full attack mode. Bae and P watch the mist dissipate. She shoots him a cross-eyed look, P always boasts how he knows the mist best, she believes him though, he has fought it at it’s worst.