Element Amenities

A weird, evolving website inspired by addiction and recovery. 

Bae nut stands surveying her enemy territory. She looks closely, up and down the kingdom borders, and sees no threats yet…she knows they are out there, she has heard the mortals speak of such things that creep outside at dusk. And she has seen them herself.

To the mere human, she has regular cat eyes, a little crossed. But if you have the vision powers of the caretaker, you can see she, in fact, is not a cat at all. Her ears come to a full point on the top, much longer than any other feline creature, they have an iridescent green-blue hue. Her fur is silky cream and turns from powder to bright blue and thick around her neck, almost resembling a scarf. The sky is bright from the snow and dusk setting in at the castle. All is quiet, the ground is layered with two feet of fresh powder, swirling and twisting high in the wind over the tall ice wall surrounding the castle.

Bae leaps quickly and she’s across the wall, without a sound. She has the athletic ability of a gymnast and lightning speed. Invisible. Mr.P her faithful companion has strategy, strength, and endurance. Smarter than any other companion, she trusts him with her life and demands he pays suitable attention with head licks. P watches the most valuable thing in the Kindom. The magic fountain.

Bae’s ears twitch and lie flat, she crouches low…she hears something and catches a brief glimpse of a shadow in the tree line, mist…the black mist. The mortals can’t hear it, they can’t even see it, stupid beings…Mr. P hears it before anyone else, for he has the fastest and most acute hearing, and his whiskers have the power to detect the mist and its flying army of fountain bombers before she.