Element Amenities

A weird, evolving website inspired by addiction and recovery. 

The Mist travels up the river, it’s silent and dark. Inside it carries the bombers, under the cover of illusion. The bombers are silent unless they are very close. By the time you hear them, it’s too late. Their ability to hover and swoop, without a sound. means they are close enough to ruin you. Only the cats can hear it, to their sensitive ears, it sounds like an archaic screech that echos in the night, far, down into the kingdom. Mr. P is always on alert, he may look as if he’s resting and he is, he needs his strength for the battle. There is always a battle, it settles down for a while but then the Mist with its hunched shoulders appears, his black mist mimicking in time with his every move. The attacks are a constant threat.

Mr. P sits in his thrown observing the mist closely. The caretaker knows he needs his thinking chair, she de-furs it regularly to make sure he is at his most comfortable while guarding. How does it surround the castle so quickly, he wonders, “I only closed my eyes for a moment…” it moves in quickly and is hanging like a dense fog around the castle. He can see its heart outlined in the treetops, hunched shoulders,  it stretches its wings and with the tips, pushes his mist closer. P knows he needs to be on guard, for Bae is sleeping, and dreaming a terrible dream. He sees her moving in her sleep, digging and pushing something away.

Bravo appears in the watchtower, she’s young and goes purely on instinct, she knows the mist is here because she came in at the same time, she snuck in on its tales and silently entered the castle through the hidden door. She sneaks by Bae resting and sees Mr. P on alert. She jumps and is not quiet, her fur has changed into a suit of armor that slithers as she moves. The MIst has caused her hackles to go up, and unconsciously so does her defense, her nails turn into blades and her soft, black and white fur has changed into a silver red metallic shell that moves as if chainmail underwater.

The darkness the MIst carries has a way of seeping in through the cracks if they are not careful. And Bae is quite powerful in her magic,  she can call it without realizing it. If she dreams too deeply. All the creatures have the dark in them, that’s how the creator made them.