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Tidal sounds like I was romancing drug addiction. Then I re-educated myself on prohibition. I guess I want to prove my point, I am trying to be realistic. I think it’s really important and it’s useful. Besides, marketing for liquor and cannabis are both very romantic. Lots of romance over wine, lots of romance over weed and playing music. It makes sense to me. I’m afraid of it also. Especially an expensive one. Have you ever seen how small these drugs are, or read about how addictive? It’s actually shocking. It seems like it’s all fentanyl, or scramble (heroin and fent mix), or comfort medication for trying to come off of it. It shocks me how something so small can wreak so much havoc. Thankfully, there is a community, one that looks after and supports each other.

We should be afraid of what comes with criminalizing something that humans want or need.-

History is repeating itself. Alcohol evolved into something stronger over time…whiskey. Addiction, destruction, and family devastation followed. Prohibition seemed like the best solution. Maybe for the criminals, because demand did not decrease. Al Capone? Organized crime. That’s how they got started. Producing and selling prohibited spirits, because people wanted it no matter what, and with the criminal aspect came violence, death, and corruption.

The temperance movement for prohibition was based on the idea that we as humans could be closer to “our natural state of perfection” sober. Being sober meant you were closer to perfect? Bullshit. Life is much better for me sober, it is a choice, not because society thinks I’ll be closer to perfect. But whatever gets you by man. You still make the choice.

I’ve been following the safe supply program Victoria introduced last March. It is a program that gives addicts access to prescription variants of street drugs. Or in this comparison alcohol to alcoholics… alcoholics took what was available to them. Jamaica ginger – sometimes lethal, made by amateur chemists and bootleggers. Sounds very much the same with street drugs today. Then LCBO 1927 / BC Liquor distribution branch 1921 started with reasonable regulation, and now well, drink up friends.

Safe supply has worked so far. It still has the “tisk tisk”, and “shame the criminal” part though, I’ve seen snarky pharmacists. Also, some people on the program are selling their safe supply for other drugs or money to get by. There is that criminal behavior that comes with the prohibition of a substance. The economic shit show that happens when people become dependent on something they can’t get, (organized crime?).

Government legalization and regulation is the best thing to happen I think. I don’t know if addictions choices you or you choose it. But alcoholics exist everywhere, with or without it being prohibited. So I am on board.