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So this feels weird blogging from my work trip, but it’s fine. I have downtime and I have hours that I work. I’m disciplined about my time management. Hairdresser skill. This trip feels good for me. It’s like this magical loop opened up when I sobered up. I love traveling solo. We have a team here, but it’s mostly solo work. I am kinda worried that I will never want to fully immerse myself into regular society again… I actually enjoy my own company. And other people too, for a limit. I just don’t know how to regulate my energy sometimes. So writing on my downtime is necessary. Helps keep me sane.

This trip really is a bit like pressing reset. I had a blast today. I drove all up and around, Peace River. What a beautiful piece of Canada. Huge blue sky, fields, and valleys of a million colors of green. It really is god’s country. The only other drivers on the road were large work vehicles. And the occasional large pick-up with a Farmer. None of the nav worked consistently so it was a paper map and occasional bursts of internet. It was pretty cool. I haven’t seen anything like it before in my life. Got lost a few times, found super kind people. Fort St John doesn’t quite have the same beauty as where I was today. It’s a hard-working town, that’s for sure.

I’m not sure where I will be exploring tomorrow, I don’t mind either way. I love the adventure.