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Private labeled amenities and skincare products for Resorts and Spas.

Element Resort and Spa Amenities

Victoria, BC, Canada


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What is Private Label?

Element Amenities Private Label products are skin care products and resort amenities that are personalized for you and sold under your name.

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Our Process

Why Private Label?

In 2021, the hotel and accommodation industry needs to adapt to the changing profile of their customers. A new challenge we face now is how to attract and accommodate the local guest.


What is our Company Focus? –

Element Amenities focus is to support the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. We believe that the beautiful resorts in British Columbia offer outstanding lodging facilities and services to their guests. By incorporating private label skin care and amenity lines in all your guest touch points areas you will showcase your unique guest culture.

What is our Intention? –

Our intention is to support the hospitality industry and beauty organizations by giving you the opportunity to show you are leaders in the industry. By streamlining your brand, we believe it will encourage stronger guest loyalty, and the opportunity for your organization to showcase your exclusive attributes.

How do we support you in marketing your brand? –

Private labeled products unique to your Resort or Spa can be used as an unparalleled opportunity for marketing yourself. Showcasing your brand, knowledge and expertise in the luxury accommodation industry to your guests.

Our CEO and Creator

Louisa Vukovic, MA RSE.

I am a beauty industry expert with an undergraduate degree in the Hotel and Accommodation Industry. I hold a Red Seal Endorsement in the Beauty Salon and Spa Industry and also hold a Masters Degree in Tourism Management.  Working in the field of accommodations and spa’s during this unique time has helped me recognize a unique opportunity for the industry. To use every possible guest experience and touch point to help your organization stand out from the competition.